Developer Growth

Zero to Fullstack is a new blog from Zach Silveira and Michael Green, an aspiring developer.

Every Tuesday morning you will receive something interesting and engineering related to your inbox.

Sometimes we will post Michael’s weekly progress, things I’m suggesting for him to learn, and other aspects of growth as a developer.

There will also be advanced topics and pro tips, so stay tuned even if you’re already a highly experienced individual.

Who are we?

Zach Silveira is a Software Engineer of 10+ years professionally. His most high profile employer was probably CNN, but he’s worked at multiple startups, agencies, and has done contracting work on the side for years in between. He hopes to share pro tips on becoming a better engineer, and how to pick up projects and other soft skills.

Michael Green has a post giving a brief background of who he is. Please check it out!

Our goal is sharing our unique perspectives, from an industry veteran, to a newly motivated developer, by covering all the missing pieces you don’t get from normal tutorials and blogging guides about becoming a developer.

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Zach Silveira

Software Engineer of 10+ years.

Michael Green

Currently a Senior CAD Designer, aspiring to become a fullstack developer and enter the Matrix.